How can I order?

You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to Bag, you will then go through the ordering process. After you have placed your order, you will receive order summary to your email. Order summary will also be stored to your account.

Our store will automatically create you an account, Accounts are removed automatically if inactive for 90 days.

Why should I buy online?

Buying one can be much faster, You will also have access to great offers like Our Multi-buy Offers and/or if we hold a BOGOF offer (buy one get one free),

What payment methods can I use?

at the moment payment must be made when ordering online. this guaranties that your order will be lock in, We currently use Stripe as our payment processor and you can use a Credit or Debit card to pay for your order.
If you have ordered via a catalogue you will pay on delivery. You can pay by Cash or Credit/Debit card, we use UTP as our doorstep payment processor

What should I do if the payment is not accepted?

Please try again in a little while. If the payment is still not accepted, please verify your account balance. If everything is as it should, but you still can't make the payment, please contact us at or (+44) 0800 009 6382 on to notify us about the problem. We can manage the order manually.

Can I pay with invoice?

No, Not at this time.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible. You can do this by Clicking "My Account"

If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us and return the product. Please contact or (+44) 0800 009 6382

Do I have to order online?

Yes, all the products available to buy on this site are only available to order via this site.

Is this site safe?

Yes, Our site uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Later) Certificate to protect you from hackers, more about SSL Certificates can be found Here

How can I change delivery address?

The way our store is set up, your account is linked to your email address. Every time you place a new order you will have the option to input a new address.

If you have alreadly placed your order and noticed a misstake Please contact us as soon as possible or (+44) 0800 009 6382

How to contact customer service?

If you have question regarding our Website or Store (ordering, account questions, technical questions), please contact or (+44) 0800 009 6382

On pricing and shipping related issues you can contact customer support at or (+44) 0800 009 6382.

Can I return a product?

If you want to return a product, please contact or (+44) 0800 009 6382