15/10/2021 Mrs Baley - TS3
  WENKO Window Wiper MAXI - W71000 View this Product
love it I can now clean my windows outside without a ladder yey

18/06/2021 Jim - TS17
  LED Letter Light Box - 410081 View this Product
Wow looks great in my sons room and we can put any message we want on it

16/11/2020 Mrs Baley - TS3
  Iron Board Cover - 410012 View this Product
brilient its fits profect my ironing just got alot easier

15/11/2020 Adam - TS19
  Pipe Unclogger - 8196 View this Product
Great product worked a treat, very easy to use and great value for money! Arrived quickly too

08/11/2020 Mandy - TS20
  Pipe Unclogger - 8196 View this Product
no more clogged pipe, works great thanks Alex

06/11/2020 Rob - TS1
  Foil Dispenser - 4282 View this Product
Great item, It cuts the hoil like butter. going to order one for my mam

03/11/2020 Customer - TS4
  Ice Cube Tray - 4196 View this Product
This is great, I have had it for two weeks now and I haven't spilt a drop on the floor. it is easy to get the ice out with the rubber bottum and very easy to fill.

25/04/2020 Alex Randall - TS3
  Distributor Review - Smear Free Window Foam - 410305 View this Product
Betterware's Smear free window foam is great I use it myself and I couldn't recommend it enough, cleans your windows in seconds, no need to scrub and buff, just shake - spray - wipe. I use it on my windows, black glass furniture and my high gloss side board but you can use it on must surfaces.

24/04/2020 Customer - TS17
  Onion Container - 410179 View this Product
Brilliant product it keeps my onion fresh for just over a week even when I save some for later it's still fresh when I return to it.

11/04/2020 Customer - TS4
  Microwave pot pressure cooker - 368402 View this Product
Great product does exactly what it's intended for. I would recommend to everyone and anyone.

01/04/2020 Sophie - TS17
  LCD Cleaning Foam - 366470 No longer avilable
Does exactly what it says and more, I have OCD over all my televisions screens and mirrors, with 4 children it's difficult to keep clean but this product is amazing. I would recommend to anyone looking for a 5star product.

01/04/2020 Paul - LS15
  Service Shop Online
I am so impressed with the service I received when shopping on Alex's website . I am happy to recommend Alex to family and friends. Alex offers a professional service, he is considerate and good at communicating.

24/01/2020 Jordan - TS3
  Smear Free Window Foam - 410305 View this Product
I would recommend this it cleaned my windows and mirrors in seconds.

28/12/2019 Customer - TS3
  3 in 1 Brush - 8092 View this Product
when I placed my order Alex was very helpful as i wanted to place an order but I forgot to fill out the form and i couldn't find it in the catalogue Alex helped me find the item a wanted and he even filled the form in for me on my doorstep and my order come within a week very happy with his service.

25/11/2019 Customer - TS3
  All Products & Service Shop Online
when I ordered from Betterware a few years ago the products where overpriced pound shop, now the products are better quality and better prices

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